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Check out Kenny’s new Valentine’s Day song! 

"Meet Tyler. He is 13 years old, a good buddy of mine, a complete stud, and was recently diagnosed with Pontine Glioma, a type of brain tumor. He is such an amazing kid. I got to spend some of the day today in the hospital with him. I wanted to do something special for him so I decided I wanted to record a song for him. To my surprise, when I asked his sister what his favorite song was, she told me that it was my song "One Day At A Time", and that he called it ‘his theme song’. I couldn’t have ever been more honored. So I recorded a special version of the song for him, and with tears in my eyes, got to sit and watch him listen to it on his hospital bed. Probably one of my proudest moments. I love this kid to death. Please keep Tyler in your thoughts and prayers. Love you Ty!!"

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"We may not have it together, but together we have it all"

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